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Is Your Search For A Caregiver Getting To Be A Challenge?

You endure the many barriers in finding the most qualified and affordable caregiver for your elderly family members because you love and treasure them. You honor your loved ones by doing your due diligence in looking for a skilled and compassionate care provider.


But searching for a candidate that you would feel comfortable with fulfilling this major task is oftentimes difficult and daunting. We have felt and seen the tremendous amount of anxiety families like yours go through in this process.


Astra Caregivers is here to help!


Other than providing top-quality care for you and your loved ones, Astra Caregivers also affords you - Peace of Mind.

  • Peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for by a qualified and compassionate caregiver.

  • Peace of mind knowing that Astra Caregivers’ clients are treated with the utmost respect and deference.

  • Peace of mind that our caregivers have been vetted through a strict selection process and trained in accordance with the regulations of the Home Care Services Bureau.

  • Peace of mind that Astra Caregivers provides high-quality service at reasonable rates.

  • Peace of mind that Astra Caregivers’ support and field staff have a hands-on approach in dealing with every concern of our clients.

  • Peace of mind behind our promise that we will serve our clients with dignity and integrity. 

  • Peace of mind that the caregiver is our employee……